NEWS21 July 2017

VOD ratings added to Nielsen tool

Media News North America

US – Nielsen has announced that syndicated VOD Content Ratings will be offered with Nielsen Media Impact.

The tool allows media planners to estimate the impact of their plans. VOD Content Ratings, which will be a component of Nielsen’s Total Audience, will include information from nine networks including Turner and Discovery.

Nielsen VOD Content Ratings was launched in 2006, to give comparable metrics for  live and time-shifted TV.

Peter Sedlarcik, EVP, head of insights & analytics, Havas Media Group, said: "As audiences continue to migrate toward on demand viewing options, third-party measured VOD consumption data in tools like Nielsen Media Impact will give media buyers better insight into how these potentially valuable audiences could play an impactful role in brand communications strategy.

"Each layer of data like this that sheds new light on how we best connect our clients’ brands to their target audiences is progress, and we look forward to a broader view of the VOD audience market as more networks make their data available."