NEWS3 April 2017

Vision Critical releases Sparq Share

News North America

CANADA – Customer intelligence platform Vision Critical has added Sparq Share, a private and secure workspace to gain access to insight, for users of its Sparq platform.

Sparq Share allows community managers to distribute on-demand customer insight across their organisations and with external partners from a centrally managed location.

It provides a central repository for Stories – narratives that weave together data and insight from searching and recalling information learned through community activities. Users can view all Stories shared specifically with them through Sparq Share, and are notified of any updates. Users and administrators can also leave feedback and comments on Stories.

Divesh Sisodraker, president and chief product officer for Vision Critical said: “To support customer-led decision-making, up-to-date customer insight must be readily available to stakeholders responsible for those decisions. Sparq Share ensures that stakeholders have easy, centralised access to the knowledge derived from Sparq, so that customer insight is effectively used to add business value.”