NEWS23 February 2017

Vision Critical unveils new customer intelligence platform

Innovations News North America

CANADA – Customer intelligence platform provider Vision Critical has unveiled Sparq 3, which uses ‘relationship memory’ to connect existing customer knowledge with information from insight communities. 

Sparq 3 is intended to help organisations build and deepen relationships with customers with each interaction.

Information provided by community members stays within the platform, resulting in dynamic profiles that expand and change with time. This is intended to reflect changes in their lives, attitudes, behaviours, preferences, activities and needs. 

Community managers can then use this information, as well as records of historical participation, to microtarget specific groups of members for follow-up activities and ensure that communication is relevant. 

“The new Sparq 3 platform offers the most powerful set of features available for insight communities in the market today,” said Divesh Sisodraker, president and chief product officer for Vision Critical.

“Through the power of Relationship Memory – the ability to connect what you already know about your customers with information you collect from your insight community, and then to use that information to learn more about customers over time – we improve the quality of insight with every engagement.”