NEWS2 November 2009

Visible Measures chosen for People’s Choice Awards task

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US— Web video measurement firm Visible Measures has been chosen to provide online viewing information for the People’s Choice Awards 2010.

It is the first time the awards – which are based on public votes for the year’s best films, music and television – have incorporated internet viewing data into the initial nominee selection process.

Fred Nelson, president of the awards, said: “The People’s Choice Awards have historically incorporated third-party data like national ratings averages, box-office grosses and music sales to decide on potential nominees.

“We are excited to integrate Visible Measures’ data and insights on music, television and movie audiences into the nomination process.”


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15 years ago

So the awards have nothing to do with the peoples choice awards as the people don't get to pick them. I hope they get what they deserve and people won't watch this year in protest.

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