NEWS27 February 2013

Viral reach rockets after Facebook bug fix

Data analytics North America

US — Facebook’s efforts to squash bugs in its Page Insights tool has seen viral reach skyrocket for some Page owners, according to research by EdgeRank Checker.

The third-party Facebook analytics firm reports that viral reach per fan has increased 275% from 0.16% on 18 February to 0.60% on 25 February after several bugs were identified and fixed.

EdgeRank also reports that total reach increased from 12.43% to 16.24% per fan while organic reach had increased from 10.09% to 14.25%.

Engagement metrics have decreased, however, from 0.34% to 0.29%. But EdgeRank says this shows that the bump in organic and viral reach metrics are legitimate.

In announcing the bug fixes last week, Facebook said: “We know that accurate data is fundamental to building and improving your Facebook presence. We are taking this very seriously. We have already put a number of additional quality and verification measures in place to prevent future bugs and resolve them quickly if they arise.”