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NEWS13 October 2016

Use of multiple streaming services grows by 50% in three years

Media News North America Trends

US — Research from GfK shows that the proportion of US consumers with multiple SVOD (subscription video on demand) subscriptions has risen from 10% to 16% in three years. 

The report from the company’s Home Technology Monitor reveals that these ‘self-bundling’ viewers, who pay for combinations of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other subscription services, are more likely to have kids under 18 in their households ( 50%, compared with 41% of weekly viewers of any type). 

They also have higher mean incomes than average weekly viewers – $90,000 per year compared with $76,000 – but are less likely to subscribe to traditional pay TV services ( 67% versus an average of 75%). 

Self-bundlers were defined as consumers paying for two or more SVOD subscriptions. 

“As consumers start to self-bundle, the potential impact of increasing subscriber fees for each streaming service will be compounded,” said David Tice, SVP of media and entertainment at GfK.

“The last one to a price increase party may be the first one cancelled – so individual streaming services need to consider competitor plans before instituting price hikes. There may also be a place in the market for a third-party aggregator of discounted streaming services.”