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NEWS8 May 2018

Traditional TV remains strong among US streamers

Media News North America

US – Despite the rapid rise of video streaming, 93% of those watching streamed content also watch traditional TV on a typical day, according to Nielsen.

The average streaming viewer aged 25- to 54-years-old watched two hours and 28 minutes of over-the-top (via the internet) content per day, but 47% of those streamers only watched traditional TV on a typical day, 46% consumed a mix of traditional TV and streaming, while only 7% streamed exclusively according to Nielsen’s Local Watch Report Q4 2017.

In November 2017, more than 65 million US homes owned a device capable of streaming content to the TV. While 59% of US homes are streaming enabled, they are more likely to be in urban areas; the most are to be found in San Diego where 71% of homes have access to an enabled streaming device.

The vast majority ( 91%) of streamers access local media on TV or online according to Nielsen Scarborough. Fifty-one percent of streamers have watched local news, 51% used an internet app on a mobile device to access local news, 43% used an internet app to access local or internet radio in the past month, and 40% completely or somewhat agree that it’s important to use social media sites for local information.