NEWS6 February 2017

Mobile is device of choice for video streaming in US

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US – More than half ( 58%) of US video consumers watch content on their smartphones with paid-for video streaming commonplace.

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Three quarters ( 75%) of video content consumers pay for streaming channels compared with 41% who buy downloads according to research from PayPal and SuperData Research.  

The research involved a global 10-market survey with 10,000 consumers to explore how digital media is being used.

Netflix proved the most popular platform – with more than half ( 55%) of American viewers preferring it to other platforms, Amazon Prime was second with 14%.

When it comes to music smartphones are the most popular device with 86% of music consumers listen on their mobiles. Age affects method with 70% of older listeners downloading (compared with 51% who pay to stream), while 60% of millennials do (versus 63% who stream).