NEWS14 August 2014

US seniors feel misrepresented by advertising

News North America

US — The majority of older US adults believe the portrayal of their generation in advertising is not realistic, according to research from marketing and advertising agency GlynnDevins.

60% of the 400 US adults over 70 surveyed felt that seniors featured in advertising were portrayed as stereotypes.

  • 31% of those surveyed agreed that seniors were portrayed “realistically” in advertising
  • 47% felt that seniors were portrayed “as people to be respected”
  • 37% felt that seniors portrayed in advertising were “people I can identify with”
  • When asked about baby boomers featured in advertising, 30% of seniors felt that boomers were portrayed as stereotypes

“Marketers are constantly challenged with portraying their target audience in ways that resonate with the audience,” said Sue McClure, executive vice president and general manager at GlynnDevins. “This research provides a snapshot that will give pause for thought when developing campaigns, not only for senior living, but all categories that are seeking older adults to take some sort of consumer action.”

Further findings from the study can be found here.