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NEWS16 August 2017

US B2B marketing automation more advanced than Europe

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US/ Europe – North American B2B organisations are 14% more likely to use marketing automation than their European counterparts, according to new research.

The research, from UK-based adaptive marketing automation provider Act-On Software, also suggested that North America remains ahead of Europe when it comes to marketing automation sophistication, and results.

Act-On Software surveyed 350 B2B marketing professionals in North America and Europe. A significantly higher proportion of American respondents ( 91%) said that marketing automation had delivered their organisations with return on investment than those in Europe ( 72%). 

Satisfaction levels were also revealed to be higher among automation users in the US, with 93% of respondents describing their platforms as effective, compared with 76% in Europe. 

However, while just over half of organisations said they were using marketing automation, just 27% firmly believe that it has increased marketing’s contribution to pipeline. 

“Marketers today face a changing, daunting world: a crowded vendor landscape, online channels that are fast-multiplying, a digitally disrupted customer journey, but more importantly, the customer they serve is more empowered and more in control than ever before," said Michelle Huff, chief marketing officer of Act-On Software.

"As marketers, we must navigate through this change to succeed. Increasingly, we are seeing companies embrace modern marketing technologies like marketing automation to help them better compete and achieve their business goals.”


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2 years ago

Interesting stats. These days there're so many things to do in with so little time. I guess that marketing automation still remains a mystery and something difficult. With so little time some may fear that they are not going to succeed with the new strategy. Tools like GetResponse or Infusionsoft may be a little bit easier to use, especially for those who start using marketing autoamtion.

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