NEWS24 February 2014

Unilever taps Brandtone’s ‘Bloomberg terminal’

Europe News Technology

IRELAND/SPAIN — Brandtone is today switching on its new “Bloomberg terminal for marketers” – an automated mobile marketing platform – in partnership with consumer goods giant Unilever.


Unilever will be the first to deploy the Konnect platform, which is designed to allow brand managers to manage and run mobile campaigns, as well as collect consumer feedback.

Messages and feedback requests are sent to consumers in developing and emerging markets, who have already given Brandtone permission to store their details within its database.

As part of a demo of the platform at today’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Unilever will be pushing a message out to consumers in India who are already taking part in a campaign for the company’s Sunlight soap brand.

Rahul Welde, vice-president of media for Unilever, said: “We see Konnect as the marketing equivalent of the Bloomberg terminal – providing real-time insights and a way of managing campaigns as they happen. We can now identify, engage and reward individuals who use our products exactly at a time when it represents the most value for them.”

Unilever and Brandtone have a relationship stretching back several years, starting in 2010 when Unilever’s investment arm helped the company get off the ground, while last year Unilever agreed an expanded deal to support Brandtone’s expansion into India, China, Indonesia and the US.