NEWS25 September 2013

Unilever in Brandtone deal to support India, China push

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US — Consumer goods giant Unilever has announced an extended partnership with mobile marketing company Brandtone to support the latter’s expansion into India, China, Indonesia and the US.


Brandtone recruits consumers to interact with brand advertisers via their mobile phones. Consumers are offered incentives in exchange for sharing information about themselves or completing certain marketing actions.

Unilever already works with Brandtone in several developing markets, including South Africa, Brazil and Kenya. Research company TNS also has an arrangement with Brandtone to field surveys to Brandtone’s database.

Keith Weed (pictured), Unilever CMO, said: “Over half our turnover comes from emerging markets.  Mobile provides a direct means of engagement with almost every consumer in those countries, and it is therefore absolutely critical for our brands’ growth.

“People are willing to share information about themselves in order to get more relevant advertising and offers. So the opportunity is there – if we do it correctly.”

Unilever’s investment arm, Unilever Ventures, was a founding investor in Brandtone in 2010.