NEWS12 August 2013

UN uses Spigit for refugee challenge

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US — Platform provider Spigit is to work with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to examine the challenges in refugee protection and assistance worldwide though leveraging crowdsourcing, gaming and big data.

UNHCR Innovation is a multi-year initiative to explore more efficient solutions to the challenges facing refugees and its Ideas program will use the SpigitEngage platform to ask the UNHCR community how access to information and services can be improved for refugees living in urban areas through specific challenges.

UNHCR employers and partners will then evaluate the top ten ideas for a final winning pilot project in 2014.

“Over the last six decades – and in the face of ongoing emergencies and the rapidly changing world, we have continually adapted and innovated to better enable tens of millions od people restart their lives,” said UNHCR Innovation lead Olivier Delarue. “Now, using UNHCR ideas, powered by Spigit, we have the online innovation management platform that truly unites all UNHCR stakeholders across the globe to address these challenges.”

Picture: UNHCR