NEWS25 June 2015

UK ranked second in the world for mobile transactions

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UK — 46% of all ecommerce transactions in the UK now take place on mobile platforms, according to new research.


Findings from the Q2 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report from Criteo revealed that mobile accounts for 34% of all ecommerce transactions worldwide. The UK is now ranked second in the world for prevalence of mobile transactions, with mcommerce representing 46% of all ecommerce. It sits behind Japan, having surpassed South Korea. Of those top three, the UK is the only country to have maintained growth of mobile share since Q1.

The report also revealed that 40% of ecommerce transactions now involve more than one device, and that the UK is the only market where tablets are more popular than mobile for ecommerce transactions (though the gap is apparently closing).

Findings were based on analysis of 4.4bn individual ecommerce transactions across the world.

“Consumer adoption of mobile continues to be the biggest trend in both ecommerce and advertising today, and the pace of growth remains astounding,” said John Wolf, chief product officer at Criteo.

“Marketers’ ability to leverage new technologies to accurately identify and reach consumers wherever they are is going to become critical as this trend continues towards a world where the majority of transactions will take place across multiple devices.”