NEWS3 February 2011

Tynt Multimedia debuts online publishing tool

North America Technology

US— Tynt Multimedia, a firm specialising in services for online publishers, has developed a new set of tools to help website owners see how their audiences are engaging with content.

The new Tynt Publisher Tools suite offers four functions: a tool to show which keywords and search terms are driving traffic to a website, information about where links are being shared in the social media sphere and a content function that gives information to writers and editors about the words readers engage with. With this information, Tynt said, users can better understand what readers want from websites and tailor editorial policy to keep visitors more engaged.

CEO Derek Ball (pictured) said: “The additions we’ve made to create the Tynt Publisher Tools are results of working closely with our many publisher partners to solve real problems. We’ve established a tool that publishers have proven is useful and are now able to give them access to the advanced analytics they want to see in a unique way that makes sense to each publisher.”