NEWS2 April 2014

Twitter grows TV analytics strategy at Facebook’s expense

M&A News North America

US — Twitter’s continued investment in its TV analytics capabilities is affecting Facebook’s ability to keep up, says tech news site re/code.


According to re/code, Twitter has now acquired two of the biggest TV analytics firms based out of Europe: SecondSync – which announced a partnership with Facebook in January – and Mesagraph. This follows the recent formation of a partnership with Kantar Media that mimics an existing US partnership with Nielsen.

Re/code claims that with this move, Twitter has effectively removed three of the largest US TV analytics firms from Facebook’s grasp: it has acquired BlueFin labs; Nielsen acquired SocialGuide and, weeks after Facebook released flattering results on its TV ‘chatter’ from Trendrr, Twitter acquired that firm too.

If Twitter is now able to deliver measurable data to both domestic and international advertisers, it gives the company a much better pitch to marketers, and could cut Facebook out of the loop, the story claims.