NEWS9 December 2009

Tweetminster unveils Twitter sentiment search tool

Technology UK

UK— Broadcaster Sky News has signed up to use a new “sentiment search engine” from Tweetminster, which allows Twitter users to follow MPs and keep track of political issues.

The new search tool, which can be found online here, “measures the pulse” of politics, Tweetminister said, by allowing users to enter a search term and instantly seeing how people are discussing it on Twitter.

Sky News will use it to gauge opinion on today’s pre-budget report from chancellor Alistair Darling.

Alberto Nardelli, co-founder of Tweetminster said, “By using the power of Twitter the application aims to foster an unprecedented community around politics in the UK and at the same time provides professionals and politicians with tools to engage, track and analyse political conversations in real time. You can think of it as a social Bloomberg for UK politics.”