NEWS22 February 2016

Trust in brands’ ability to safeguard data declines

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GLOBAL — 70% of people don't trust brands and mobile operators to safeguard their personal data, and 55% say their trust has declined in the last three years, according to new research. 

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The research, based on the views of 8,000 consumers across a number of global markets, revealed that 50% of them have lost trust in mobile operators in the same period. 

Brands are slightly less trusted than operators: while 75% of consumers don't trust brands to take care of their data, 71% don't trust operators with the same task. 

The research was carried out by On Device Research on behalf of Syniverse, a global transaction processor. The full report can be accessed here

“The impact of brands having access to contextual data has eroded consumer trust and experience to date,” said Mary Clark, chief marketing officer at Syniverse.

“Brands and operators must now achieve a balance of driving both value and trust along the mobile journey.”