NEWS13 January 2016

TransgressiveX launches measurement tool

News UK

UK – Brand measurement agency, TransgressiveX (TX) has introduced the Brand eXchange Power Survey, its new measurement tool.  

The tool has been developed by consumer psychologist Nadim Sadek, former worldwide commercial & strategy director of Research International, and now CEO of TransgressiveX.

The company said that the tool captures a brand’s powers of seduction & persuasion, via System 1 responses across the consumer journey. Its analysis then optimises Propositional ‘Pull’ and Activation ‘Push’ for value growth and competitive advantage.

It provides a single-number score of a brand’s effective competitive power, then breaks this down to show competitive strength, weakness and opportunity.

Sadek said: “We developed the eXchange System, in which the Brand eXchange Power Survey is the key service, in response to some current truths: brand authority has declined, alongside cultural changes that have seen traditional pillars of society fall, and people are overwhelmed by a surfeit of often-redundant data. Brands now need to earn their relationships, every day, in many ways.

“The traditional quant survey, predicated on ‘the conversion funnel’ just is not fit for purpose any longer.”