NEWS14 October 2009

TRA rolls-out Optimizer ad targeting service

North America Technology

US— Ad ROI measurement firm TRA has launched a tool to help advertisers more accurately reach their target audiences using data from its single-source database of TV viewing behaviour and purchase information.

The firm claims its automated Optimizer tool can recommend improved campaign strategies by matching TV program audiences with the procucts and brands these audiences buy.

TRA CEO Mark Lieberman (pictured) said: “Partnering with our clients in the development of our product roadmap and our development and release of the Media TRAnalytics Optimizer furthers TRA’s commitment to create new forms of research and innovative products that improve advertising accountability and increase ROI on ad spending.”

Earlier this year Arbitron, WPP and Kodiak Venture Partners invested $13.5m in TRA. At the time, Arbitron CEO Michael Skarzynski said that TRA’s product offering “promises to bring much-needed transparency” to advertisers and ad agencies.