NEWS30 August 2017

Touchscreens can lead to more impulsive purchases

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US – Using touchscreen technology evokes an experiential thinking style, which can lead to a preference for ‘hedonic products', according to new research.

The research, Getting in touch with your thinking style: How touchscreens influence purchase, demonstrates that purchase intentions can change according to the type of device being used. 

Touchscreens are revealed to evoke a stronger experiential thinking style, while desktops evoke a rational thinking style. The findings suggest that the greater experiential thinking linked to touchscreen devices can enhance a person’s preference towards ‘hedonic products' – items linked with pleasure rather than necessity – while greater rational thinking is more likely to lead to the purchase of utilitarian products.

“The novelty and fun generated by finger movements create experiential and affective feelings, in alignment with the playfulness and emotional nature of hedonic products,” the authors wrote.