NEWS1 September 2015

Toluna launches mobile survey app

North America Technology

US — Toluna has launched a mobile survey app, Toluna Mobile Member App.

Toluna Mobile Member App allows users to to provide feedback and participate in surveys on-the-go. It also allows them to post their own questions to the Toluna community.

The app is designed to provide the same experience as, where community members can participate in polls, post comments and engage with each other, as well as taking surveys.

“We built because we understand that consumers want to not only speak out and voice their opinions but to receive opinions in return,” says Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna.  “We believe that anyone should be able to conduct a survey, and receive feedback on the go. 

“Toluna Mobile Member App users can now visit a store, and before deciding between purchasing two products send a survey to the community asking for unbiased feedback – it’s revolutionary.”