NEWS20 September 2016

Toluna launches automated concept testing tool

Innovations News North America

US — Toluna has added PowerConcept, a real time, automated concept testing tool, to its Automated Insights suite. 

Automated Insights is available within QuickSurveys, a platform powered by Harris Interactive. 

According to the announcement, PowerConcept enables users to understand the overall strength of their branding, product or advertising concepts up to 10 times faster than traditional concept testing methods. 

“Automation and digitalisation are the keys to success for market research professionals, and marketers who rely on direct access to research solutions to power real-time, informed decision-making," said Frédéric-Charles Petit, Toluna’s CEO (pictured).

"PowerConcept is comprehensive, the interface is easy-to-use, insight is available in real-time, and extremely actionable. We’ve built a suite of tools that meet the needs of brands and agencies alike.”