NEWS21 June 2017

Tobii Pro takes eye tracking research into virtual reality

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SWEDEN – Eye tracking research solutions provider Tobii Pro has announced a new solution for conducting eye tracking research within immersive virtual environments. 

TobiiPro VR crop

Among other things, this approach allows researchers to duplicate real life environments in the virtual world; to study anxieties, phobias and PTSD; and to practice skills such as surgery procedures. 

The Tobii Pro VR Integration tool is based on the HTC Vive headset integrated with Tobii eye tracking technology. It comes with the Tobii Pro software development kit for research applications. 

“Combining eye tracking with VR is growing as a research methodology and our customers have started to demand this technology to be part of their toolkit for behavioural studies," said Tom Englund, president, Tobii Pro.  

"The Tobii Pro VR Integration is our first step in making eye tracking in immersive VR a reliable and effective research tool for a range of fields.”