NEWS24 August 2018

Tobii Pro adds VR and biometrics to eye tracking

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US – Eye tracking research company Tobii Pro has expanded its virtual reality offering with the launch of Tobii Pro Lab VR360.

Tobii pro eye tracking_crop

This edition of its analysis software gives researchers 360-degree video and images when conducting eye tracking studies in VR.

Tobii Pro Lab VR 360 can also be combined with data streams from GSR (galvanic skin response) to better understand the link between people’s visual attention and what causes a person to feel stress, excitement or fear.

With this VR, researchers can put people in immersive scenarios and study behaviour in situations that would otherwise be too dangerous or difficult to replicate or repeat in real-life.

Tom Englund, president of Tobii Pro said: “VR with eye tracking has given science a whole new dimension and we are determined to provide researchers with world leading VR research tools which help them in their quest for breakthroughs in science and treatment.”