NEWS19 October 2018

Tobii Pro develops portable eye tracking

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US – Eye tracking research company Tobii Pro has launched a portable eye tracker for research in the field.

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‘Tobii Pro Nano’ has been designed to use with portable screens so that it can be used for attention-based studies outside of a lab environment. The company says it could also be taken up by universities to provide students with a portable research lab.

The tracker works by being plugged into the USB port of a Windows laptop or tablet and collects gaze data at 60 hertz.

Tom Englund, president at Tobii Pro, said: “We want to make eye tracking research more accessible and efficient to meet the growing demand for flexibility in terms of study locations. With Tobii Pro Nano, researchers and students now have access to a portable eye tracking lab and can head to an off-site location to collect eye tracking data in natural environments such as a mall, hospital or a university campus.”