NEWS31 May 2018

Tobii Pro launches VR eye-tracking analytics

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US – Eye-tracking research company Tobii Pro has launched an analytical tool to measure eye-tracking studies within virtual reality (VR) environments.


The tool allows eye-tracking studies to be conducted within Unity 3D virtual reality (VR) environments. Users will be able to access analytics from the company’s eye-tracking VR technology, including heat and opacity maps, which show the points in a VR landscape which received the most attention.

According to Tobii Pro, the solution will also allow for safe, efficient training of individuals in medical, emergency response and industrial occupations. For instance, a hospital could use the technology to simulate a surgery, observing the attention and visual skills of surgeons performing procedures.

The company first made moves into the VR space in 2017 with the launch of its VR Integration tool, which is based on the HTC Vive headset integrated with Tobii eye-tracking technology.

Tom Englund, president at Tobii Pro, said: “Eye tracking has proved to be a natural part of VR, and the launch of Tobii Pro VR Analytics is major step towards our larger vision to also provide businesses and researchers with the tools to capture insights from these immersive environments. VR puts you in complete control of an environment while eye tracking explains our behaviour while in that world.”