NEWS19 May 2014

Tobii launches eye-tracking glasses with ‘live view’

Technology UK

UK — Tobii Technology has launched a new eye-tracking system with a ‘live view’ feature.


Tobii Glasses 2 uses a new platform that allows for wireless live viewing on any Windows 8 tablet.

According to Tobii, other new features of the glasses are ‘True View’: a wide-angle HD camera and four eye cameras built into the frame, which allows for studies of activities that involve peripheral viewing; ‘Flexible Mapping’, which reduces time for coding videos with gaze data; and a more lightweight design.

“Over the past four years, we have witnessed incredible new discoveries in shopper marketing, behavioural science and usability research that had not been possible before Tobii Glasses,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America.

“Tobii Glasses 2 offers a number of new features that will advance wearables significantly in all these fields but also open up a multitude of new research applications, providing a higher degree of ease of use, efficiency, flexibility and unobtrusiveness.”

More details can be found here.