NEWS18 December 2009

TNS-BMRB opens public sector comms research centre

Government UK

UK— TNS-BMRB has launched a communications research centre to help public sector clients improve the delivery of their communications and campaigns.

The centre, which is made up of more than 20 researchers, combines resources from both TNS and BMRB and will offer both qual and quant services, behaviour change frameworks and tools such as AdEval.

It will also look into topical issues like measuring behaviour change in the social marketing sector, evaluating digital campaigns and looking at the role of emotion in public sector advertising.

Michelle Harrison (pictured), CEO of TNS-BMRB, said: “The aim of The Communications Research Centre is to offer specialist boutique style research services, with all the additional advantages of being supported by a global agency network. This dedicated senior team will be focusing exclusively on the public sector, so we can offer added value alongside thought leadership and actionable recommendations to strengthen campaign planning.”

The centre will be run by directors Helen Angle, Jenny Skelly, Katherine McIsaac and Sally Malam who will report to Harrison.