NEWS8 January 2010

TNS-BMRB launces Social & Political Attitudes Unit

Government UK

UK— TNS-BMRB will launch a new division this month to monitor voting intentions and keep track of social and political trends.

The Social & Political Attitudes Unit (SPA) will produce monthly polls, with the first set of results being delivered during January to academic partners, public policy professionals and political theorists.

TNS-BMRB chief executive Michelle Harrison (pictured) said: “BMRB built its heritage on undertaking reputable social research and opinion polling. Now we have come together with TNS, with its global capabilities in political research we are very well placed to provide this service. The SPA Unit will not only provide an accurate reflection of Britain’s voting behaviours but will support our work in social tracking and as thought leaders in understanding the British citizen.”

Interviews will be conducted online, by telephone and in-person using TNS’s Omnibus capabilities and the firm said the SPA Unit will “pioneer” new thinking in multi-mode research to ensure that sampling reaches all parts of society.”

Data will be weighted to be nationally representative and the firm said that it will include variables that allow for a “politically balanced perspective”.

As well as examining voting intentions, Harrison said that the new unit will aim to delve deeper to examine wider social issues. “Voting intention is one thing,” she said, “but understanding the context and motivations behind these intentions as well as the political and social landscape, is equally, if not more important in understanding society.”