NEWS21 November 2012

TNS BMRB announces International Development Research Centre

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UK — TNS BMRB has announced a new Centre for International Development Research led by Desiree Lopez, who recently joined the agency as senior director.

The move follows the agency’s appointment to the roster of research agencies for the Department for International Development earlier this year and is intended to build on its expertise in the fields of international social research and governance.

In particular the centre will work in close collaboration with the social research team in TNS Africa, helping to introduce mobile communications to research specialities including public communications and policy evaluation. It will also link UK-based development agencies and TNS teams around the world to combine methodological excellence with local expertise in fieldwork.

Lopez (pictured) says: “I am delighted to lead The Centre for International Development Research. We will work with a highly esteemed group of academic and policy partners to conduct social research into vital development issues, aiming to bring about policy change on an international level. The centre will utilise methodological expertise from across TNS BMRB, as well as our sincere desire to bring about positive change through effective evidence based policy and practice.”

Melissa Baker, who heads social research in TNS Africa and the Middle East, adds: “We have been working for many years on social research in Africa on a range of formative and evaluative research to help meet challenges such as poverty reduction, health and agriculture. The Centre will give a new focus for our already strong partnership with TNS BMRB to build pan-global teams to bring TNS’s immense expertise to bear to bring maximum benefit to our clients.”