NEWS12 May 2015

TNS expands African mobile research offer

Middle East and Africa News

AFRICA — TNS and its sister company, Kantar Media, is to join forces with mobile survey platform GeoPoll to deploy a new range of research products and services in Africa.


The multi-year agreement will give TNS access to GeoPoll’s platform and user database to carry out mobile research for clients throughout Africa. It will also see TNS and Kantar collaborating with GeoPoll on its media measurement service in sub-Saharan Africa (which currently covers Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda), providing support with media planning software, sampling and weighting. TNS, Kantar and GeoPoll will also jointly sell Kantar Media’s Global TGI product in a number of markets.

“GeoPoll has worked hard to drive increased access to quality information in Africa,” said James Eberhard, CEO of GeoPoll and its parent company Mobile Accord. “We’re excited to partner with TNS and Kantar Media to improve the availability of reliable, cost-effective data across Africa and look forward to expanding the partnership in the coming years.”