NEWS23 September 2015

Time-of-day significantly impacts type of content consumed

News North America

US — Consumption of radio, TV and digital content varies significantly according to the time of day, according to the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report.


The Q2 2015 Total Audience Report reveals that during the week, radio usage is greatest between 6am and 6pm: it has a 40% device share at 7am, which is higher than television. But between 6pm and 6am, TV accounts for at least half of all media use, peaking at 9pm, when it makes up almost two-thirds of the total audience.

Video usage has reportedly grown across the week on digital platforms, rising nearly 20% overall year-on-year. The greatest percentage in digital video usage has been during the overnight and early morning hours. Between 5am and 8am, this type of usage has grown 38%. The time of 9pm has shown the greatest absolute growth in digital platform use, with an increase of 700,000 adults using a digital platform between May 2014 and May 2015.

“Knowing how many consumers are connecting to both traditional and digital platforms, as well as the share these platforms have during each hour of the day, really highlights the fact that all of them are put to use,” says Glenn Enoch, senior vice president, audience insights, Nielsen. “Consumers don’t see media use as an ‘either/or’ proposition. They leverage all ways to connect with content at different times of the day. Knowing these usage patterns this can really give the industry a clear line of sight on being able to take advantage of these patterns.”