NEWS2 December 2009

Thornton takes global role as Cint moves sales HQ to UK

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UK— Cint’s UK managing director Richard Thornton has been promoted to the role of global sales director, as the firm moves its global sales HQ from Stockholm to London.

Thornton, who started up Cint’s UK operation in February after leaving panel firm Ciao Surveys, is now responsible for global sales strategy for all Cint’s products. Former sales director Rafael Pietrzyk remains in Stockholm and will now work on developing and marketing Cint’s omnibus solution Snabbasvar internationally.

Cint CEO Bo Mattsson said: “The move makes it possible for Cint to work closer to the big clients in the industry, and also opens up a much larger competence pool. The move also reflects the increasing international foot-print that Cint has been able to create during the last two years, and strengthens Cint´s ambition to be the global access exchange for the MR industry.”

The research software and services firm, which runs the Cint Panel Exchange, hopes the transition to the new London office will be complete by February 2010. There will be a new office and several new appointments to sales positions – some of which will be trained in London before being relocated to other markets.

Thornton told Research: “One of the challenges Cint has had to date is that we’re known as a Scandinavian firm – and we play on that heritage but we want to change the perception in the marketplace. Yes, we have a legacy in Scandinavia, but we offer global service and products, and have global coverage.”

Cint will be focusing on its existing core markets of the UK, Germany, the US and the Nordic countries, but also has “ambitious growth plans” for areas including the Netherlands, France and Asia.



14 years ago

it seems to me the only news here is that Rafael Pietrzyk has been demoted seriously and the company has "big" aspirations. Great hard hitting news piece!! Nothing but hype here, the company has nothing under the hood because the "competency pool" to create software is not in Stockholm either and that cannot be changed by a PR piece even as seemingly brilliant as this one

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14 years ago

Richard, Congratulations from the Jeeran Research Team. I was very pleased to read this. WIshing you the best of luck and success. Nisreen Akkawi

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