NEWS29 January 2013

The Telegraph signs up to Webtrends Streams

Data analytics UK

UK — Web analytics specialists Webtrends has expanded its relationship with The Telegraph newspaper and implemented Webtrends Streams to improve customer experience, increase conversions and revenue on its website and develop engagement internally.

The Telegraph says it is using the tool because it wants to obtain deeper insights into its customers’ activities across digital properties and use this intelligence across their optimisation, segmentation and targeting efforts to create the optimum customer experience.

A spokesperson for the publisher explained: “With Webtrends Streams we will be able to visualise real-time data and share it throughout our organisation to improve internal engagement among our editorial and commercial staff.”

Webtrends Streams was unveiled last December and provides enterprises with the ability to stream visitor events and understand their online business as it happens via rich real-time visitor level customer data. The Telegraph will do this using real-time dashboards and real-time error tracking within the various apps available to digital consumers. This insight will be monitored by internal support and technical teams, allowing them to react quickly.