NEWS11 February 2021

The Big Picture launches packaging analysis tool

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UK – Specialist design research agency The Big Picture has created a quantitative tool to help analyse the likely success of new packaging designs.


‘DesignCounts’ is a quantitative methodology that is used to validate and optimise pack designs. It uses advanced software and survey design to add multiple competitor benchmarks to analysis of the likely success of a new pack design.

This means that brands can assess the packaging in a real market context, rather than comparing it solely against the previous design.

The tool uses PatternID to assess how well the packaging stands out on the shelf, as well as a range of gamification techniques to help replicate system one decision-making.

Laura Pereira (pictured), head of quantitative research at The Big Picture, said: “We have seen a fantastic response to DesignCounts from our clients over the last year, and are very excited to see the ongoing positive impact this approach has on our clients’ brands.”