NEWS22 March 2013

TestFlight takes off with analytics tool for beta-tested apps

Data analytics North America

US — Software beta-test provider TestFlight has launched an apps analytics tool.

FlightPath aims to bring mobile app data to a single page in real-time and interactive so that developers can build on beta-testing results.

TestFlight said while analytics were the lifeblood of an app’s ability to iterate and build a successful product, “most developers find it painful to extract the data they need from existing products”.

FlightPath key features include single page UI for all analytics; one-click pivoting on any attribute; pre-set segments to view valuable data; instant saving of any custom segment; and you can view number of crashes by audience segment

On its blog, TestFlight wrote: “We’re excited to launch what we believe is the most intuitive analytics tool, but it’s early and we have a packed roadmap that we look forward to you weighing in on. We are rolling out in private beta and looking for daring developers who will help push the boundaries and keep cool when they break them.”