NEWS25 June 2010

Techneos upgrades SODA mobile survey service

North America

US— Techneos has added several new features to the latest version of its SODA mobile survey tool.

The new 1.3 version gives researchers access to data – such as addresses and database lists – from previous surveys that respondents have taken part in, allowing them to assign information to individuals.

Users can also keep in contact with respondents through an email-style messaging system and a data-cleaning option corrects any fieldwork errors at the source, rather than at the end of the project.

A new language option also allows users to compose surveys in Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese and all other double byte languages.

Techneos CTO Aaron Pazurik said: “These enhancements and new features offer our customers expanded data capture, editing and engagement capabilities for their research programs. We’re building products that allow our clients to differentiate their offerings in a competitive marketplace while making fieldwork more efficient at the same time.”