NEWS25 August 2011

Synovate innovation director Jan Hofmeyr to rejoin TNS

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SOUTH AFRICA— Synovate’s innovation director Jan Hofmeyr is leaving to join TNS with a brief to apply behaviour change thinking across the company’s brand, stakeholder, social and political work.

He takes up his new role in December, two months after Synovate’s acquisition by Ipsos is due to be completed. He joined Synovate in 2006.

At TNS, Hofmeyr will report directly to CEO Eric Salama. A key element of his new role will be building on and innovating around the TNS Conversion Model, a customer loyalty tool Hofmeyr invented while a director of Research Surveys, and which he later managed as the CEO of The Customer Equity Company, which was bought by TNS in 2000.

Salama said: “Jannie is an extremely rare talent, combining outstanding thought leadership with a commercial and entrepreneurial approach. He has rejoined TNS in this new role to make Conversion Model thinking a much more significant part of our offer.”

Hofmeyr will continue to be based in Cape Town. Click here for a past interview with Research, in which he discusses the challenges of bringing about change in “a very conservative industry”.


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13 years ago

In the words of Jan Hofmeyer, this would be a "category in trouble" If the best agencies cant retain indisputably valuable talent like Jan, then what hope do smaller agencies and the lower rungs of management have.... The best talents just keep flitting around like bees around flowers.

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