NEWS10 November 2021

Suzy launches Dynamic Market Segmentation offering

Data analytics News North America

US – New York-headquartered insights firm Suzy has launched Dynamic Market Segmentation, a full lifecycle segmentation offering that is said to allow brands to “more efficiently and accurately define their audiences”.

Screengrab of Suzy's website

The results of the segmentation studies can then be directly applied within the integrated Suzy platform. Suzy’s new offering leverages machine learning to “produce statistically sound, precise segments in a more cost-efficient manner and in a quarter of the time typically required by traditional methods”, according to the company.

By shortening the time and cost associated with segmentation, Suzy claims that it will set a new industry standard for annual studies that provide brands with up-to-date information. 

The segments resulting from Dynamic Market Segmentation are fully integrated into the Suzy platform and made actionable, allowing clients to target new segments with any Suzy survey. Studies will yield segment definition summaries that are then added to users’ dashboards.