NEWS2 March 2012

Sutherland to lead Ogilvy behavioural science practice

People UK

UK— Rory Sutherland has long been a believer in behavioural economics and its ability to help businesses understand what makes people tick. Now he’s to lead a new behavioural sciences practice at Ogilvy & Mather.

Sutherland, the ad agency’s UK vice chairman, will work alongside director of strategy integration Jez Groom to oversee the #OgilvyChange practice, which will work with brand owners to create “behavioural interventions” in the real world.

“In looking at any marketing problem, it pays to start by designing the behaviour you want to change, or by designing the choice you want someone to make… and then to work backwards from there,” says Sutherland.

Groom adds: “Understanding how small nuances can influence the way people react is the key to unlocking significant marketing value – often at disproportionate cost.”

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