NEWS1 April 2020

SurveyMonkey introduces testing tools

News North America

US – Global survey software company, SurveyMonkey, has released Expert Solutions, a suite of market research tools for customers to test product and marketing concepts with a global audience.

Expert Solutions combines its DIY market research panel, SurveyMonkey Audience, with survey methodology and AI-powered insights so marketers, insights professionals and agencies can use it to get instant market feedback on products, packaging, ads and marketing messages.  

Tom Hale, president of SurveyMonkey, said: “For years, researchers have been forced to choose between either hiring an expensive agency that takes months to deliver insights or simple DIY methods that tax internal resources.

“Today, we’re introducing the best of both worlds with Expert Solutions, which have built-in methodologies and AI-powered insights, taking the heavy lifting out of market research.”