NEWS15 March 2013

STW invests in Beyond Analysis Australia

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AUSTRALIA — Advertising and marketing group STW has taken a minority position in the Australian arm of Beyond Analysis, a UK-based data analytics firm.


The deal will put Beyond Analysis to work on the “vast volume of data” created by STW’s marketing clients. “We are excited to be joining forces with them to unlock this value,” said Beyond Analysis CEO Paul Alexander (pictured).

STW CEO Michael Connaghan said: “The potential to provide ever more sophisticated and effective marketing for our clients has made data a top priority at STW.

“This investment is another step in our multifaceted, diversified data strategy.”

Beyond Analysis has been operating in Australia since 2008, when it acquired the customer engagement agency Enzyme Insight Solutions. It’s customers include Mi9, an Australian digital media company, and Visa Europe – which also has a minority stake in Beyond Analysis.