NEWS3 April 2019

Streetbees appoints client strategist

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UK – Intelligence platform Streetbees has hired shopper and consumer insight specialist Ben Langleben as a client strategist.


Langleben has previously held roles at Nielsen, Research International (now TNS), Incite, SKIM an RDSi, and worked with various FTSE 100 companies and non-profits as a consultant.

In his new role, Langleben will work with corporate clients to highlight growth opportunities through the Streetbees platform.

Users share moments from their daily lives through the Streetbees app, with the data analysed using natural language processing and machine learning.

Tugce Bulut, chief executive and founder of Streetbees, said: “Ben will expand our capacity to surface insights from our network of two million bees worldwide and distil their importance for companies, helping them develop products that serve customers’ needs.”

Streetbees has also joined Silicon Valley-based innovation platform Plug and Play’s accelerator programme, where it will spend three months working with the company’s 280 corporate partners.