NEWS8 November 2011

StrategyOne offers daily online media monitoring

North America Technology

US— StrategyOne, the research agency owned by PR firm Edelman, has launched a daily digital media monitoring service, Sunrise.

The tool has been developed in collaboration with social media monitoring provider Crimson Hexagon.

StrategyOne’s global CEO Steve Lombardo said Sunrise aims to deliver “a comprehensive set of analytics of the last 24 hours of digital and social activity”, covering online news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, message boards and more.

It looks at the volume and sentiment of mentions of terms or categories, and can be used to compare companies or brands to competitors.

Lombardo said: “Our clients, marketing and communications leaders, are up early in the morning, following the conversation around their company. We’ve tailored Sunrise exactly to meet their needs: an easily digestible dashboard that allows them to make informed decisions.”