NEWS7 July 2021

Strat7 launches unstructured data analysis

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UK – Marketing and customer analytics consultancy Strat7 has developed an unstructured data analysis service,

Matilda Andersson

The service uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to analyse unstructured online data from forums, search, social, review sites, client sales and behavioural data sets.

It can be used to support trends forecasting, segmentation, brand positioning, customer experience, comms and innovation.

Matilda Andersson, group managing director at Strat7 Crowd DNA (pictured), is leading the development of the service.

Andersson said: “Despite advances in technology, brands are still struggling to extract meaningful insight out of unstructured data. One of the ways we’re using is to help our clients identify emerging, often ‘invisible’ cultural signals within bigger cultural trends.”