NEWS24 May 2023

Sprinklr launches AI customer experience tool

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UK – Customer experience management company Sprinklr has created an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to gather insights from unstructured customer experience data.


The tool, called Sprinklr AI+, combines Sprinklr’s AI systems with generative AI from an integration with ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

Sprinklr AI+ can combine unstructured customer experience data from more than 30 digital channels, including social media and messaging platforms and news, blog and review sites with generative AI to create content, improve feedback and assistance, and identify insights.

The tool is being initially launched in a Beta format, and also offers generative AI-powered suggestions to help users build marketing campaigns.

Pavitar Singh, chief technology officer at Sprinklr, said: “We have seen massive demand for generative AI capabilities to improve customer service and employee efficiency.

“For us, this is the next evolution of our AI journey to help our customers work better, faster, and more cost effectively, while preserving the level of governance, compliance, and data privacy that the most iconic brands in the world require.”