NEWS17 April 2015

Spotify launches playlist targeting service

North America Technology

US — Spotify for Brands is launching Playlist Targeting, enabling brands to target audience segments based on the particular ‘mood’ of playlists.

The addition of Playlist Targeting to Spotify’s audience targeting capabilities means that brands will be able to target audience segments based on who they are (age and gender; geography; language), what they’re listening to (playlist; genre) and when and how they’re listening (time of day and by platform/ device).

“When users hit play on one of the billions of playlists on Spotify, they often signal a common activity or mood – like workout or chill,” stated the announcement, according to a story on Mumbrella.

“Starting May 1, brands will be able to target unique audience segments based on streams from Spotify’s 1.5 billion-plus playlists, from workout enthusiasts and commuters to millennials, parents and more.”