NEWS31 October 2011

SPA Future Thinking opens Quantum Lab

Features UK

UK— SPA Future Thinking has opened an in-house think tank to develop “innovative” research services for the firm’s clients.

The new Quantum Lab is in the firm’s office in Oxford and is made up of five researchers under associate director Jan Worsley. Members of the team have both agency and clientside backgrounds and specialise in qual, quant and system development.

Other parts of the SPA Future Thinking network, such as the Paris office, will also contribute to the work of the lab which aims to develop research offerings based on “the science of consumer choice”.

CEO Jon Priest (pictured) said: We are constantly re-evaluating and refreshing ways of understanding consumers, users and shoppers. The pace of change in the market research industry is faster than ever as we develop greater insight into the science of consumer choice and create new ways of understanding it.”