NEWS15 June 2011

SPA Future Thinking launches Comms Suite

Technology UK

UK— SPA Future Thinking has launched a suite of three tools that have been designed to help brands and broadcasters analyse and measure the impact of sponsorship, product placement and multimedia campaigns.

The new Communications Suite consists of the Place Max tool that measures product placement efficacy, the Campaign Optimiser that tracks the impact of each element in multimedia campaigns and the TV Sponsorship Index, which helps guide future sponsorship strategies for clients.

Place Max analyses depth of feeling towards a brand following paid-for placement activity using standard test-and-control methodologies, while Campaign Optimiser uses regression analysis to model the relationship between a respondent’s recall of the different elements of a multimedia campaigns and the effects that they have on raising brand awareness and improving brand image.

SPA Future Thinking director Suzy Aronstam said: “With a heritage and reputation for sponsorship which goes back well over a decade we have developed a a thorough understanding and proven approach to provide guidance for sponsorship strategies.”